Deion Sanders Offers To Help Jackson State’s HBCU Rival Secure Trainers For Players

Deion Sanders serves as the head coach at Jackson State in Mississippi, even so, he is offering to help the school’s rivals. 

Sanders’ passion for the college sport extends beyond his own campus.

During a Southwestern Athletic Conference call on Sept. 20, Fred McNair, the coach for the Alcorn State Braves, said his team missed practice due to a lack of available resources.

Alcorn State has no full-time trainers on staff and they have been impacted by COVID.

“If I can help, I’m going to help. Immediately. This is bigger than the little rivalry,” he told reporters, which was captured by HBCU Sports.

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He continued, “My brother McNair, if you can hit me right now, if you have a problem, call me. This is about these kids, man. And I got love for that brother. He’s a good dude.”

The 54-year-old also added, “That’s one of our treasures in the HBCU. We’ve got to have his back.”

Jackson State and Alcorn State are scheduled to play against each other at The Soul Bowl, which takes place on Nov. 20 at the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium.

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