16 Amazing K-Beauty Eye Creams That Are All About the Hydration

In 2021, not a lot of things are certain, but one thing that is? The influence of Korean beauty on our skincare routines can’t be overstated. We have the industry to thank for sheet masks, facial essences, BB cream, and so much more, but one category has been a sleeper hit: eye cream. According to Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily, there are two key factors that make Korean eye products so great.

The first is one of the pillars of Korean skincare. “Hydration is one of those fundamental things that you want to get right for skincare because there can be a domino effect on a lot of other aspects of your skin health,” says Yoon. “Even when I’m applying my skincare products, and I’m doing my serums and essences, I’m treating the eye area as well. You want a really great eye cream to kind of lock in all that hydration.” 

The other factor is the focus on preventative skincare. “There is this notion of saving your skin, cherishing your skin,” says Yoon. And while many products can and do address skin damage that’s already occurred, you’ll see many products address overall skin maintenance. “When it comes to eye creams, I think that there is a bit more of a range,” says Yoon, “It’s around how we prevent the eye area from going through the wringer.” 

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