25 Madewell Pieces That Will Definitely Become Wardrobe Staples

The thing Madewell does best is design really great wardrobe staples. While its selection does include its fair share of trend pieces and more of-the-moment silhouettes, its perennial staples are easily some of the best pieces it has (and the most popular). There are so many things the retailer gets right, such as its everyday shoes and classic bags, but above all, its summer selection is really hitting the mark lately.

I always turn to Madewell for a quick closet refresh because I know that anything I end up with inevitably will outlast the current season—no overly trendy buys here—which is why I took the liberty of combing through its latest new arrivals to find the items that are current for this summer but could easily turn into the pieces you reach for over and over again. Whether it be the perfect pair of denim shorts or a delicate white top, peruse these Madewell items to find your next staple (or staples).

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