38 of the Best Bob Hairstyles For Your Post-Lockdown Haircut

My hair has recently reached that awkward in-between length: it’s no longer the mid-length lob that I visited the hairdressers for last year but it can’t quite be considered a long hairstyle yet. Instead, it’s sitting rather uninspiringly on my shoulders causing me to seriously consider going for the chop. I’ve experimented with shorter hairstyles over the years but have never taken the plunge into a full-on bob.

However, with my Instagram feed starting to fill up with dramatic, post-lockdown haircuts, I have to admit that I’m seriously tempted to forgo my lengths in favour of something shorter, choppier and infinitely cooler. And a quick look online confirmed that the bob might just be the hairstyle of 2021. From Fearne Cotton to Lily James, so many celebrities have undergone major short hair transformations over the last year, and their styles look seriously amazing.

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