8 Cute, Warm Outfit Ideas For Dining Outside When It’s Cold

I never thought I’d be writing about the predicament of what to wear to dine outdoors in the winter (because who does that?) but it’s our reality in 2020, so here I am to give you some advice. First and foremost, it’s up to each of us to decide what level of risk we’re comfortable taking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially with case counts rising yet again, it’s safest to stay home. But dining outdoors is indeed safer than dining indoors, so for those who choose to go to a restaurant, many are opting to take advantage of the plentiful outdoor seating around the country. I, for one, have dined outdoors in 100-degree heat, with flies swarming, and in the rain this year, so I guess my next adventure is dining outside when it’s 40 degrees. But it’s going to take a little preparation, so let’s discuss.

As someone who is always freezing, I think I’m well-suited to speak on the topic of dressing for warmth without sacrificing your sense of style. The thing that makes outdoor dining in the winter such a challenge is that you can’t sit there and eat your soup in a puffer and scarf and not be uncomfortable (but if you can, tell me your secrets). You’re going to want to wear warm base layers and choose your outerwear carefully, and hopefully, there will be heat lamps. To guide you, below you’ll find 8 perfect outfit ideas for wintertime outdoor dining, along with a tip to glean for each, and what to buy to see you through to next spring. Good luck out there, and don’t forget your mask and this genius electric hand warmer.

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