Dealing With Redness and Acne? This Viral Ingredient Is My Secret Weapon

Aside from me and my red, inflamed skin, those with acne-prone skin may find blue tansy beneficial. “Although there is little evidence-based research, two components of the oil may have some positive anti-inflammatory actions that could be helpful for acne,” says Evans. “Sabinene and camphor both can aid in inflammatory disorders. As acne has an inflammatory component, especially when it is red and irritated, this oil may be helpful to calm the redness in the skin.”

While the ingredient is generally well tolerated, it is an essential oil, which some people find irritating. “People who are sensitive to herbal supplements should be cautious before using this topical,” says Evans, who also recommends a patch test. “Before using this oil, check for potential allergies by applying a small amount on the inner arm for three days to make sure no contact allergies appear on the skin.” 

Ready to give it a go? Keep reading for 16 of the best blue tansy products out there.

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