I Gave Sephora’s Beauty Director My Credit Card and a $400 Budget—Her Picks Here

I’m the nosiest person when it comes to other people’s beauty routines. Whether the other party in question is a friend, roommate, family member, celebrity, brand founder, co-worker… You name them, and I want to get intimately acquainted with their product M.O. 

Of course, this curiosity isn’t subjective to the time of year—it’s a 365-day obsession, after all, but I’m especially interested in what people are using and loving at the turn of the new season. Most of us, in some way or another, like to make some tweaks depending on what our skin or mood is craving, and there’s something about fall, in particular, that’s especially exciting. To satisfy that itch, I reached out to one of Sephora’s beauty directors, Melinda Solares, to see what’s on her radar as we transition from summer to fall. Obviously, due to the nature of her job, she has access to thousands (quite literally) of beauty products, so I thought it’d be especially fun to shed some light on her favorites and what she’d (theoretically) plop in my shopping cart. Keep scrolling for her top 10 product picks at Sephora and 10 more products I’m smitten with as well. 

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