If You Love Hailey Bieber’s Style, Here Are 8 Things to Buy For Fall

When it comes to trends, what Hailey Bieber wears, goes. She both creates trends and expertly follows them, and every single thing she wears looks cool—even if it’s just baggy sweatpants and sneakers. Needless to say, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re obsessed with her style. So are we. Now, let’s talk about her enviable fall wardrobe.

Bieber may live in Los Angeles, but she’s a born and bred NYC girl, and she travels the world, so she knows a thing or two about dressing for fall. Her wardrobe consists of mostly casual pieces (that can be dressed up), trendy accessories, and loose silhouettes. Her style is a vibe and it’s making us love fall even more. If you want to emulate her effortless look, a great way to start is to shop these eight Bieber-approved wardrobe staples. Scroll to do just that and to shop our picks for each item.

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