It’s Leo Season, so Don’t Hold Back Now—6 Looks That Will Demand the Spotlight

It’s officially Leo season, and the category is extra. Leos’ planetary ruler is the sun, which means fire, drama, fun, and joy abound this month. We all know after August comes back-to-school month aka Virgo season (i.e. sensibility and practicality), so this August, I’m going all out. I’ll stop there on the kindergarten astrology and leave the rest to the experts, but you get the point. It’s “show off what your mama gave you” season! I’ll be wearing my best looks everywhere—including to the beach, to a wedding, on a night out with the girls, and even while doing errands—simply because I can. Can I get an amen?

Keep scrolling for the best Leo season–appropriate looks plucked from these Instagram streets and all the coolest finds from across the internet that make me giddy just thinking about them. It’s time to make some plans because these looks deserve to be taken out and spoiled, as do you. Have fun!

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