Pattern Clashing Gives Me a Rush I Can’t Resist—5 Ways I’m Wearing Them

The outfits I’ve been finding the most enviable lately are those that incorporate different patterns to create a one-of-a-kind perspective that reflects the wearer’s personality and/or mood. With each clash comes a unique feeling, which is a rush I will forever seek when it comes to fashion. After all, what is fashion other than a tool to outwardly express your inner self in all its emotional, intuitive, and sometimes contradictory glory? After a couple of months sitting idly, I decided to dig deeper and figure out exactly how to reliably pull off this trend. 

I started by throwing all my patterned clothing on my bed to see what I had to work with, and the pieces with similar energy almost immediately became apparent. In my attempt to fashion emotion from clothes, I came up with the below five outfits that will set the stage for all the pattern combinations your heart desires.

Whether it’s color strategy, tried-and-tested silhouettes, or patterns that seem to go with everything, keep scrolling to get all my tips for creating your own unique pattern-clashing looks, because you *are* the moment.

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