Revolve’s Newest Beauty Arrivals Are 10/10—20 to Buy While They’re on Sale

I always forget about how amazing Revolve’s beauty department is until my shopping cart is all-of-a-sudden 20 products deep in Revolve beauty products. Can anyone else relate?! Teeming with the most viral items and covetable brands, Revolve is high-key one of our favorite online beauty destinations, and right now is one of the most strategic times to shop thanks to an epic 15% off sale. 

From now until May 26, you can snag everything on your beauty dream list at discount, aside from a small handful of excluded brands. (Just use code BEAUTY15 at checkout!) Of course, we have an ongoing catalog of favorite all-time beauty products you can find on Revolve’s metaphorical shelves, but we’re celebrating this particular sale by sharing the can’t-miss new beauty arrivals you’ll want to add to your shopping cart before everyone else. Keep scrolling! 20 of the most exciting new beauty products to buy at Revolve are below.

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