These Makeup-Skincare Hybrids Are Basically All I Wear on My Face These Days

I’ll be honest: One small silver lining of the pandemic has been skipping a full face of makeup every day. I used to love wearing makeup, but now it feels unnecessary—and annoyingly, it always ends up caked on my face mask anyway. No-makeup makeup days, once reserved for weekends, have become my go-to: a little concealer or color here and there to help perk up my look for Zooms, coffee runs, or the odd occasion I leave my borough.

Luckily, if the latest crop of product offerings is any indication, I’m not alone. Makeup-skincare hybrid products are all the rage. As we settle into a new routine of “skinimalism,” it’s all about sheer skin tints, barely there lash tints, and pretty much anything else that has the word “tint” in it. But it’s the added skincare benefits that set these products apart and make them worth using day after day. Without further ado, keep scrolling for the 15 makeup-skincare hybrids that are filling my cosmetic bag these days.

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