We Can’t Stop Staring at These 20 Photogenic Red Nail Designs

There are only a few things that we can be sure of in this life, and one of them is that red lacquered nails are utterly timeless (and they always will be). Maybe that’s because they seamlessly fit every kind of outfit and occasion. Really, though. Try to think of something that wouldn’t be made better with a fresh red manicure. We bet you can’t. After all, we count on our favorite red nail polishes to elevate our effortless athleisure sets just as much as we count on them to add a sultry sort of elegance to our favorite cocktail dresses. We know they look just as appropriate when worn to a long, drawn-out dinner as they do when worn to an endless barrage of meetings at the office. Red nails are, without a doubt, considered classic for a reason. 

Just because we have a deep and unadulterated love for red nail polish doesn’t mean we always stick with a standard red manicure, though. We like to spice it up every now and then with a fresh and innovative design. For that, we turn to Instagram. (Where else?) Keep scrolling to see 20 photogenic red nail designs we’ve saved from some of our most favorite nail accounts.

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