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It’s a bones day, y’all!

TikTok has spawned all sorts of new trends and popular Internet personalities, but this may be the most endearing one yet. The latest viral sensation is brought to you by user Jonathan Graziano, but he’s merely the facilitator for the account’s real star, Noodle the Pug!

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Noodle is a 13-year-old elderly pup who “does this thing called ‘No Bones,’ where he takes all of the bones that he is made of… and he decides that they don’t work,” Jonathan explained earlier in the year. Noodle has been heavily featured on the account since the beginning — including videos of him flopping onto his doggie bed “No Bones” style. But in August, his owner began regularly sharing “No Bones” the game with followers, revealing whether or not the canine would stand up on his own that morning.

Eventually, the game evolved into predictions for how exactly the day would go. For example, here’s Monday’s forecast:

“Good morning everyone, and welcome to another round of No Bones, the game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with bones. And, as a result, we find out what kind of day we’re gonna have.”

When Jonathan gently lifted Noodle, who then stood up by himself, the owner narrated:

“Oh, and he’s feeling jazzed! Look at those bones! … Okay, it’s a bones day on a Monday you guys, this is so exciting. You know what to do. You’ve gotta treat yourself today. The Japanese fried chicken you were gonna order for lunch, get the curry to dip it in. All those festive gourds, buy ‘em! That raise you deserve but haven’t asked for yet, you totally deserve it! Ask for it! You’ve gotta treat yourself today!”

@jongrazhope you all have the best Monday! ???????? ##nobones ##bonesday ##pug ##noodletok ##monday♬ original sound – Jonathan

On the other hand, Jonathan advised to “take it easy” on a No Bones day (below) — but it’s still just about the cutest horoscope we’ve ever seen!

@jongrazI think we all saw this one coming ???????? ##nobones ##bones ##pug ##noodletok♬ original sound – Jonathan

Safe to say, Noodle is a HUGE hit online. On both TikTok and Twitter (where #bonesday began trending), the pup’s acolytes celebrated Monday’s good news:


“Thank god the pug has bones today, I needed it :,)”

“Well, now that I know it’s a #BonesDay, I feel motivated to do actual work.”


“my mental health and joy depends on the fate of a dog and his bones #bonesday”

No joke — these commenters are taking the concept of bones day VERY seriously. For example:

“Had an IVF checkup today – needed a bones day. Means these eggs gonna GROW.”


“That feeling when you’re going into negotiations on a BONES DAY! #bonesday”

“It’s my first day at my new job so this is a very good sign”

Even the NHL’s New York Rangers got in on the action:

“This is a good omen for our game tonight. Thank you noodle “

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Meanwhile, other TikTok users have been creating their own hilarious bones day content:

@oldbarracksmuseumFair people, rejoice, for it is a Day of Bones ##noodlethepug ##bones ##nobones ##historicallyaccurateautumn ##museum @jongraz ##18thcentury ##livinghistory♬ original sound – Old Barracks Museum
@urmomslinguiniGood day today 🙂 #bonesday #nobones #MakeItCinematic #happy #fypシ #NissanShowUp♬ Eleanor Rigby – Cody Fry
@morgandrinkscoffeeI am PUMPED for the day #bonesday #nobones #noodle #barista♬ original sound – charlotte (is gay)

OMG, we are absolutely loving this trend! Thank you Noodle for bringing some joy to this Monday. We look forward to many more bones days in the future!

[Image via Jonathan Graziano/TikTok/Instagram]

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