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Just when we thought we were rid of Jamie Spears

Of course, Britney Spears’ dad hasn’t been officially booted out of the conservatorship yet. He agreed to step down, and later filed to dissolve the conservatorship altogether — all good news for his daughter (even if his motives were questionable). But until a judge signs off on showing him the door and shutting this s**t down for good, Jamie remains conservator of Brit’s estate, and therefore retains control of her finances.

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For a long time, the pop star clearly viewed her dad as an obstacle to her getting married. But now that she has her own lawyer (Mathew Rosengart) actually advising her of her rights and the conservatorship seemingly ending, she and Sam Asghari finally made the leap to getting engaged. And after years of waiting, they’re more than ready to handle all the logistics.

For example, a source told People:

“Britney is already working on a prenup. She understands that this is necessary.”

But like we said, the Spears patriarch is unfortunately still involved in the proceedings as conservator of the estate. And though an insider from Jamie’s camp claimed he’s “not involved in the prenup process,” a Britney source shared:

“Jamie is working on finding a lawyer to do the prenup. Because it involves finances and he’s still officially Britney’s estate conservator, he is figuring out the details. It has to be a divorce lawyer who handles the prenup.”

Hmm… imagine it would be hard to trust any lawyer that Jamie hired at this point. (Couldn’t Rosengart help her find someone?) But the Toxic singer’s next court date is later this month, so it’s possible her dad could be officially out long before any prenuptial agreement is settled.

BTW, her fitness instructor fiancé is totally cool with the prenup situation — and yes, he’s seen everybody’s comments about it (including Octavia Spencer’s!). He even joked about it on his Instagram Story:

“Thank you to everyone who is concerned about the prenup! Of course, we’re getting [an] ironclad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection incase she dumps me one day

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Meanwhile, it sounds like the 39-year-old is still just thrilled she’s finally getting what she asked for for so long. On Monday, she posted a snap from a Men’s Health photoshoot of the Black Monday star, adding the caption:

“Words can’t even say how shocked I am … geez although the a**hole was way overdue !!!! It was definitely worth the wait …. yes world … that beautiful f**king man in that picture is MINE !!! I’m so blessed it’s insane !!!!”

Always keeping that good sense of humor, Sam commented his agreement:

“Wayyyyyyy overdue”

Aww. We’re so happy for this couple to finally take the next step in their relationship. Even Jamie’s minor involvement can’t bring them down at this point. And with any luck, he won’t be involved for long!

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