7 Films Like ‘Senior Year’ for More Clever Comedies

Rebel Wilson made a remarkable splash into the comedy world when she was introduced to audiences as “Fat Amy” in the first Pitch Perfect film. Ever since her infectious charm and lovable personality graced the successful trilogy, she instantaneously became a household name and was present in countless major comedies since.

She took a three-year hiatus after the infamous film adaptation of Cats and the Oscar-winning satire Jojo Rabbit, but she’s now back in the spotlight with Netflix’s Senior Year, where the Australian actress will be playing a 37-year-old woman who has just woken up from a coma caused by a cheerleading accident. Thinking she’s still a teenager, Wilson’s character goes back to high school to finish out her senior year, creating a unique and hilarious setup for her latest comedic outing.


Whether they’re fellow teen comedies or more standard high-concept films, here are some projects similar to Senior Year as well as where you can watch them.

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17 Again (2009)

17 Again could almost be considered the anti-Senior Year. Instead of a young woman aging 20 years and going back to high school, 17 Again is about an older man de-aging 20 years and going back to high school.

Mike O’Donnell peeked in high school, going from a star basketball player to a divorced father struggling to have a connection with his family. After he follows a mysterious janitor, O’Donnell transforms from a middle-aged Matthew Perry to Zac Efron fresh off of High School Musical. O’Donnell uses this second chance to not just relive his glory days, but also to reconnect with his kids turned classmates.

17 Again is available to stream on HBO Max.

Very similar to 17 Again, Peggy Sue Got Married also has an older person going back to their glory days in high school.

This time around, Peggy Sue goes back in time instead of simply getting spontaneously younger, and instead of being divorced, she is married to her high school sweetheart in a far from happy relationship. Things start strange yet exciting with Peggy reliving what she thought was the best time of her life, but the more she sees things for how they actually were, the more she wishes she could do things differently. While still very much a comedy, Peggy Sue Got Married does take a slightly more dramatic turn towards the end, giving its audience more thematic concepts to chew on.

Peggy Sue Got Married is available to stream on HBO Max.

Mean Girls (2004)

Tina Fey‘s cult classic magnum opus is far more than a teen chick flick. It’s a brilliant commentary on the toxic, mean-spirited environment that high school can be.

Lindsay Lohan‘s Cady Heron was never able to develop proper social skills having lived in Africa for most of her life, so when she and her parents move to the states, she feels like a fish out of water when she starts high school. However, her good looks earned her the attention of the Plastics, a trio of cruel popular girls who slowly begin to corrupt her into becoming a mean girl herself. It’s a flawless balance of lighthearted and dark comedy, leading to a surprisingly heartfelt conclusion that takes each character in an unexpected direction.

Mean Girls is available to stream on Paramount+.

Easy A (2010)

Another film that examines the difficulties of being a teenage girl in high school, Easy A puts most of the focus on the sexual pressure students are put under, in a seemingly tasteful and funny way.

When Olive tells a while lie that she took the virginity of her closeted friend, she realizes just how powerful the gossip world in high school really is. What follows is a clever satire of a book almost every high schooler has to read, The Scarlet Letter. Olive begins to wear her reputation with pride, finding constant ways to keep up her facade of a rebellious bad girl even though in reality she’s a responsible and decent person. If a compelling lead performance from Emma Stone isn’t enough, you also have Stanley Tucci as possibly the best movie dad of all time.

Easy A is available to stream on Hulu.

Clueless (1995)

Clueless is an excellent example of having an initially unlikeable character go through an arc that dramatically turns them into someone different, and for the better.

Cher (the character not the pop icon) is a spoiled Beverly Hills teenager whose superficial attitude shows a complete disregard for others and is more focused on new clothes and handbags. Once she decides to play cupid with two teachers to help her and her friends get better grades, she begins to pivot with a much more positive attitude. Clueless is the quintessential 90s high school movie that has gone on to inspire generations upon generations of movies after it, and the only thing needed to prove that point is Cher herself, Alicia Silverstone is confirmed to have an appearance in Senior Year.

Clueless is available to stream on HBO Max.

I Feel Pretty (2018)

High school is typically thought of as the setting where people are most insecure, but the phenomenon still very much exists for many folks well into adulthood.

The Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty tackles this with a protagonist who is constantly doubting herself due to what she sees as a below-average appearance. That changes when she falls and hits her head during a SoulCycle session, and she suddenly sees a gorgeous supermodel every time she looks in the mirror instead of the woman she resented. Schumer’s brand of humor has proven to not be for everyone, but the true heart and relevant message on body positivity help set this apart from her other work.

I Feel Pretty is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.

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Overboard (1987)

The recent remake with Anna Farris and Eugenio Derbez is pretty good, but you can’t go wrong with the original starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

The celebrity power couple star as a wealthy self-centered heiress and a humble, cocky carpenter. When the heiress falls overboard, she develops a bad case of amnesia, so the carpenter decides to develop an elaborate lie to trick her into thinking she is a humble, poor housewife. The concept could very easily go awry in the wrong circumstances, but the result is more than a pleasant love story with two captivating leads.

Overboard (1987) is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.


‘Senior Year’ Trailer Reveals Rebel Wilson Going Back to High School

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