Letters to the Editor — July 19, 2021

The Issue: Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams’ meeting with Gov. Cuomo.

How can Eric Adams stand at King Andrew Cuomo’s side and listen to his highness blame the mayor for the shootings and crime in the city (“Don’t give up on NYC,” July 15)?

I’m no fan of the idiot running the city, but if Cuomo didn’t sign the bail-reform bill, all these thugs would be in jail.

Adams’ alignment with King Andrew only goes to show that he is going to do nothing for New York City. We heard that song before.

Tony Fasano

Staten Island

People are starting to say that Adams is working both sides of the street. He recently shared the stage with Cuo­mo, who is primarily responsible for endorsing damaging and faulty laws such as bail reform.

Adams knows that minority youth crime is the elephant in the room and cannot be avoided. We need a massive intervention program to prevent another generation of minority youth going down a criminal path. And gang enforcement is an urgent matter as well.

Will Adams make the tough calls? Or will he morph into the politician who follows where the wind blows?

Phil Serpico, Queens

Cuomo and Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams met to discuss the serious situation regarding gun violence and how to get these weapons off the streets of New York City.

It is going to be interesting to see how Adams will deal with this problem of how to get the guns off of our streets, should he be elected our next mayor.

Don’t be so sure that this is a given, because we might be very well surprised in November as to who the next mayor will be.

Democrats don’t hold all of the power in this state, though the liberal news media would like the public to believe that they do.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

Adams will be another de Blasio. The only difference will be that he will get along with Cuo­mo, unlike de Blasio.

Before the election, he said Cuomo should resign, which he should. Now he says he’s going to work closely with him to help New York.

And imagine praising President Biden? What more proof is there that he is just another progressive who will take his orders from the other progressives?

Remember the riots and the looting and the way the police are treated. That won’t change. Progressives march in step, they don’t go against each other.

Annette Johnson

Cortlandt Manor

The Issue: Recho Omondi’s comment that ”many” slaveowners “were also Jewish” during an interview.

Fashion designer Recho Omondi did not employ anti-Semitic “dog whistles,” which are indirect forms of bias that do not explicitly identify the targeted group (“Podcaster accused of using ‘anti-Semitic dog whistles,’ ” July 13).

This hatemonger spread very open anti-Jewish tropes, including a physical slur (the need for nose jobs and keratin to pass for white) and linking “many” Jews to slavery and the slave trade.

I am surprised she left out the blood libel. Of course, since she is black, anyone calling Omondi out for her blatant bigotry will be labeled a racist.

Dennis Middlebrooks


In 1840, the Jewish population in the United States was 15,000 in a nation of 17 million.

By 1880, it was 250,000 out of 50 million, or 0.5 percent, with most Jews arriving after 1865.

Perhaps Omondi has a different definition of “many.” Or perhaps she is just another Jew-hating moron who is bad at math.

Jeffrey Levy


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