Slavish media amplify Democrats’ outrageous lie on ‘Defund’

How can White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki work with a straight face? The latest wild whopper from her and other Democrats: It’s Republicans who want to defund the police. Yet a press corps that was quick to call almost every word from President Donald Trump a lie is spreading those coming from Team Biden.

President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” package included some cash for cops, goes the argument, so the GOPers who voted against it were “defunding.”

First off, “defunding” is about actually reducing police department budgets. And the large cities that have done that over the last year are overwhelmingly run by Dems.

When Mayor Bill de Blasio cut the NYPD by $1 billion, for example, it had nothing to do with pandemic-related shortfalls (he spent the money elsewhere): It was a bow to the defund movement.

And Biden didn’t tout his relief package as a way of fighting surging violence, with homicides up 30 percent in largest cities last year. It was only on June 23, when he gave a crime-fighting speech, that he encouraged states and localities to use some of the $350 billion he’d dumped on them for law enforcement.

But truth is out the window, and Psaki’s sticking with the blatant lie — as are media “truth tellers” like Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who cited rankings by a police-union group that focuses mainly on cops’ perks, not law-enforcement funding, as evidence that Democrats are more pro-police.

“Democracy dies in darkness,” Milbank’s paper insists. This is some pretty dark gaslighting of the American people.

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