LOOK: Fan in Yankee Stadium throws baseball at Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo

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The Yankees hosted the Red Sox on Saturday night in Yankee Stadium. The game was initially delayed for weather but later in the game there was a temporary delay when a fan threw a baseball at Verdugo. 

Here’s some video where you can see the ball on the field behind Verdugo as he’s correctly irate and screaming at the fans. 

Also of note is you can see the umpires helping security pinpoint the fan who threw the ball and eject him or her immediately. Said fan is likely facing arrest as well. 

Look, yell at the players all you want. You bought the ticket and can feel free to heckle at will. These are also real human beings just trying to do their job, so anything that puts them in danger is absolutely off limits. You don’t get to throw things at players. This isn’t even mentioning that even if you aren’t at a ballpark, throwing at object at someone’s back from a distance is something that is toward the top of the list of cowardly things a person can do. Throwing a baseball at a player you don’t like isn’t cool. It’s the height of cowardice. 

It does appear justice was served — hopefully along with a lifetime ban from Yankee Stadium and possibly all of MLB — and the game eventually picked back up with Verdugo remaining in left field. 

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